The Amerindians were nature worshippers, they believed in the Great Spirit who was not seen but who manifested in different forms.  As a result, they believed in many different spirits both good and bad.

Some nations (tribes) also believed in four (4) main guardians of the earth.  As a result, they placed emphasis on the four (4) directions.

The Semichichi or Medicine Man (Shaman) was responsible for conducting the religious ceremonies.  They had rituals for everything, for example, when a child is born or when they plant they crops (so that they would bear plentiful).  During their rituals they prayed, chanted, danced, played the musical instruments (chac-chac, whistles and drums) and smoked tobacco and also they had a sacrificial knife which was used during their spiritual rituals, to cut some of their sacrifices into halves.  They also had a special type of clothing which was used during their rituals, which were decorated skirts and headpieces.  They painted their bodies and wore special beads.

The Amerindians also believed that everything in nature had its own life and it was treated as a human being (with respect).  Everything they had, they made use of it.  For example, in cassava processing, a grater is needed to reduce the peeled stock to pulp.  A piece of wood was placed in the river to be softened.  After a week or so, tiny stones found at the bank were positioned on the softened wood and because the wood was soft the stones were now irremovable.  They did not even have to consider the river being polluted so therefore being unfit to put a kitchen utensil.

They had a saying:  “If you are feeling sad and lonely and there is no one around to comfort you, you could hug a tree instead”.  They were one with nature to the extent that cutting down a tree without asking their god, was like killing a man.

Another custom of the Amerindians was a ceremony called a “Vision Feast”.  Every Amerindian had one at a particular point in their life.  In this period they had to meditate.  Through visions and dreams they received their names and special symbols.

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