• Cultural inter-change activities and the working relationships with the Amerindians of:  Suriname, Guyana, St. Vincent, Dominica Belize, Puerto Rico, the USA, Canada, and Australia.
  • Visits from the Amerindians of Venezuela, Peru and Chili.
  • No less than ten (10) separate visits from at least 37 people from Dominica’s Carib Territory in the 1990s, with modern day links formed as far back as the mid 1960s.
  • Official participation in the November 1991 Indigenous Conference of the Americas, hosted by the Assembly of First Nations of Canada, along with hundreds of other representatives from the entire hemisphere.
  •  Host to Amerindian delegates with CARIFESTA in 1992, the Second Gathering in 1993, CARIFESTA in 1995, and under the auspices of Harmony in Diversity in 1997.
  • Official members of the Caribbean Organization of Indigenous Peoples.
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