Maximilian C. Forte

The following are just a few examples of place names that exist in Trinidad that are of Amerindian origin:

Aricagua                                                                    Paria
Tacarigua                                                                  Mamural
Mayaro                                                                      Cumana
Morichal                                                                   Curepe
Guayaguayare                                                        Cuara: Caura
Tamana                                                                     Cocal
Toco                                                                           Chaguaramo: Chaguaramas
Arima                                                                         Chacacare
Aripo                                                                          Carapo
Aruaca: Arouca                                                     Carapal

There are also numerous Amerindian place names in Trinidad that echo names of places in South America, such as:

Aruacay—Arouca                                                  Anaparima—Naparima
Moruca/Moruka—Moruga                                 Barima—Arima
Paria—Siparia—Paria                                            Tapaquire—Tabaquite
Cuara—Caura                                                           Guaracaro—Guaracara
Cumana—Cumana                                                  Maturin—Maturin
Cumaca—Cumaca                                                   California—California
Caroni—Caroni                                                        Carapo—Carapo

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