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By Tibor Karolyi

ISBN-10: 1906552371

ISBN-13: 9781906552374

ISBN-10: 1906552371

ISBN-13: 9781906552375

Genius within the historical past introduces marvelous chess that might be unusual to even well-read chessplayers. Twelve chess stars are profiled with examples in their maximum achievements, yet those stars usually are not well-known they're geniuses who remain within the historical past. for instance, Pervakov and Afek are usually not loved ones names yet they compose chess experiences and puzzles of such splendor and cleverness that they should be recognized. best avid gamers corresponding to Garry Kasparov and Veselin Topalov should be recognized names to chess enthusiasts, yet they didn't develop into global Champions with no nice aid in their coaches are profiled during this publication and supply insights into the schooling of a chess champion. A vast diversity of chess is roofed through the twelve profiles from openings to endgames, puzzles to education. the typical thread is attractiveness and brilliance that merits to be larger recognized.

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A2? 'lMre8! This enables Black to win the rook. Alternatively, after 5 . . �c5 'lMrxg5t Black wins as the white pieces are far from the kingside. However, please note that if the white pieces 44 Genius in the Background could gather in front of the g-pawn it would be a draw. Miles once drew against Portisch like this, in Tilburg 1 98 1 . %a6 Wc8! attacks the rook while threat­ ening mate on f5 . 6 . . @xg6 We6t Once again, the rook is lost. 5 ... Widl Black threatens a checkmate in addition to capturing the rook.

White must block the check properly. :g l ? :g7 @h3! @gl h4 Black holds. 8 ... gg7 ga2t Once again the stalemating attempt 1 0 . . :gB!? :g4t! winning. Also insufficient is 1 0 . . @gl ? @h3) 1 1 . :g4t! i s also good enough: 1 2 . . @fl with a winning ending) 1 2 . . fB=Wf. Black's pawn would need to be two ranks further advanced to secure a draw. �gl gal t If 1 1 . . @f4. �f5 ga5t No better is I S ... @xfB and White wins. �g6 ga8 We should also consider: 1 6 . . :gB White can also take on h6 and transpose to the main line.

E3 White will have strong play on the g-file. Wfh3 b5? Black should have got rid of a pair of rooks to ease the attack. Better was 24 . . :xfl ! :f2 with a decent position. • 30 Genius in the Background 8 7 6 Exchanging the opponent's strong queen. Here one can see the advantage of positioning the rook on the e-file. gxe2 Such an endgame, involving the classic 'good knight versus bad bishop', is difficult to defend at the best of times. In the present position White's extra h-pawn leaves the final evaluation of the position in no doubt, although he will still need to display good technique in order to ensure the victory.

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