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Cards on the table - download pdf or read online

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By Jerry Sadowitz; David Britland

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Not so much that he knew my college and the year of my magna cum laude, but the rest of it was 36 amazing. Lewis Carroll Through the Looking-Glass was a monograph of a dozen. pages; it had been printed eighteen years ago and only a hundred copies had been run off. If one still existed anywhere outside of my own library, I was greatly surprised. And Red Queen and White Queen was a magazine article that had appeared at least twelve years ago in a magazine that had been obscure then and had long since been discontinued and forgotten.

A man named Colin Hawks, living outside Bridgeport, a recluse, had been found dead along a path through the woods. The man’s throat had been torn, and police opinion was that a large and vicious dog had attacked him. But the reporter who wrote the article suggested the possibility that a wolf – or even a panther or a leopard – escaped from a circus or zoo might have caused the wounds. I folded the clipping again and handed it back to Smith. It didn’t mean anything, of course. It’s easy to find stories like that if one looks for them.

No one would have the slightest reason for killing, of all people, Carl Trenholm. No one but a– Finishing that thought made me stop walking suddenly. No one but a maniac would have the slightest reason for killing Carl Trenholm. But there was an escaped maniac at large tonight and – unless he’d left instead of waiting for me – he was sitting right in my living room. I’d thought he was harmless – even though I’d taken the precaution of putting that gun in my pocket – but how could I be sure? I’m no psychiatrist; where did I get the bright idea that I could tell the difference between a harmless nut and a homicidal maniac?

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Cards on the table by Jerry Sadowitz; David Britland

by David

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