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By Otto Borik

ISBN-10: 0713452978

ISBN-13: 9780713452976

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Txb6! followed by Jle I. b7 13 14 0-0 e5 -0 15 lLJd4 (66) 66 8 The game is equal. Black should now have played 1 5 . . g6! which 53 makes the square rs inaccessible to the white k night and prepares something active such as . . f6, . . d6 or . . �a S . The game con tinuation i s risky a nd White assumes the i nitiative . ts r6? Vd3 l:thfl 22 l:tr6 According to Vasconsellos i n "Staker" Black could equalise here with 22 . . xd5 24 l:txf8 l:txf8 25 cd �g5 26 l:tfl �h3+ 27 �g2 l:txfl 28 �xf l .

G4 2 1 lLl f5 lig6 22 f4 with a clear advantage to White. 20 �4! 21 lLl fS lig6 22 lilf4 �f! t'c8 mate. tb4?? Time-trouble. 37 . . �ao leads to a d raw by pe rpetual check . ;cS If 39 . . >xbJ 40 liJd4+ fo rks 36 The Alekhine System 4 e4 king and quc:en. te6 9 h3 lt:\ge5 Christofferson-Stahlberg, Sweden 1928. White now con tinued 1 0 lt:\xe5 a n d after I 0 . . te3 lt:\xc4 ( I I . . ixc4?? ie6 1 4 'irxg7 �d7 1 5 0-0-0 stood clearly better. Summary Black must now give up his queen as it is lost anyway, but only for a knight, after 41 .

E5+! ixe4. ixh4 W'g7 as unclear tr. ] 17 l:lxf3! g4! (much better than 1 8 . . ixc4. Naturally White stands worse here but in the game he succumbs in a few moves to a fu rious attack by the Yugoslav master. xfl ttJe6 22 1td5 ! - tr. ] 19 �h3 20 'it>hl Ilg8! 21 lilgl lilxgl+ The Bishop System 4 �4 [These moves were all repeated in Lanzani-Rogers, N uoro 1 984, a nd at this point White resigned! ­ tr. ig3 hg is even worse for White. tr4 O r 24 f4 \Wxc4 threatening 'tie4+. ie6, W hite prefers the end with horror to the horror without end.

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