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By Robin Cook

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He wondered how he could go about determining if the changes were in the gray matter or cellular area of the brain called the cortex, or if they were in the white matter of fiber layer of the brain. The phone buzzed and Philips reached over and picked up the extension. It was Michaels. Philips' excitement was obvious as he described the program's incredibly successful performance. He said it seemed able to pick up a type of density variation that had been previously missed. He spoke so quickly that Michaels had to ask him to slow down.

As Philips turned and bent down to pick them up, he spotted Helen Walker. She was standing by the door, watching him as if he were crazy. "Are you all right, Dr. " asked Helen. "Sure," said Martin, feeling his face redden as he retrieved the X rays. "I'm fine. Just a little excited. " "I've been," said Helen. " Helen nodded and disappeared. Philips put the X rays back up. Looking at the subtle white flecks, he pondered what it could mean. It didn't look like calcium, and it was not oriented in a pattern like blood vessels.

Lowry also had placed moist cottonoid over the exposed brain before covering the site with a sterile towel. The patient had been redraped and the doctors regowned and gloved. Everything had returned to normal except Manner-beim's mood. "Shit," said Mannerheim, straightening up to relieve the tension in his back. "Lowry, if you'd rather do something else when you grow up, tell me. " From Lowry's position the resident could not see what he was doing. The door to the OR opened, and Philips entered, carrying the X rays.

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