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Download e-book for iPad: Blood & Burning by Algis Budrys

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By Algis Budrys

ISBN-10: 0425038610

ISBN-13: 9780425038611

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Its parking lots had been full of cars, and there was a smell, originally trapped in all that wet upholstery, that hung in the air. That was as far as they'd gotten – the people trying to get out of the city. They were turned back by the local cops, cursing and sweating, and thanking God there was some place to point to where all those people could go to die. Farther in toward the town we passed the Women's Club building – a big place with a phony Grecian front, that the local people had probably tried to make into a supplementary hospital at this end of town.

They were in awful trouble, too, cast away on an uncharted shoal, with our diseases beating the hell out of their survivors, and them with fewer biochemists than we had. I mean – what are you going to do? You could have some kind of lurching war and string them all up to lampposts, but there were better things to do with the energy, especially now that the first impact had passed and most of us that were going to die of each other were pretty much dead. If somebody was to put me in a time machine and send me back, the people then ought to shoot me down like a mad dog in the streets; I was carrying more kinds of death in me than anybody ever dreamed of, before.

I mean you don't walk around with something like that in your pocket. I would rather just sit here for a while and feel guilty. But, you know, you can't keep that up very long. You know all you're doing is playing with yourself, because any time you feel guilty for having something simple and clearcut like cancer, you're really just pretending you can afford luxuries. I didn't have to feel guilty about anything, not one blessed thing. But it's human to feel guilty, and the thing about any kind of pain isn't the pain.

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Blood & Burning by Algis Budrys

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