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Black Orchids (Nero Wolfe Mysteries) by Rex Stout PDF

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By Rex Stout

ISBN-10: 0553257196

ISBN-13: 9780553257199

A remarkably infrequent black orchid at a flower convey lures Nero Wolfe from his cozy brownstone. yet sooner than the detective and his sidekick, Archie Goodwin, can cease and odor the roses, a diabolically bold homicide places a blight at the complaints. The assassin to be weeded out is well no longer a garden-variety killer. Wolfe should also throw his significant weight into one other thorny case, this one regarding a wealthy society widow bedeviled through poison-pen letters -- and a toxic plot as black as Wolfe's orchids with roots much more twisted. "Like the orchids he so avidly cultivates, Nero Wolfe is considered one of secret writing's such a lot prized ornamentals." (B-O-T Editorial evaluation Board)

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