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New PDF release: Behind Closed Doors

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By Kimberla Lawson Roby

ISBN-10: 0060593652

ISBN-13: 9780060593650

ISBN-10: 0061372447

ISBN-13: 9780061372445

Regina Moore and Karen Jackson, lifelong top acquaintances, reside the type of existence most girls simply fantasize approximately. With attractive houses, pleasant careers, and adoring husbands, their pleasure couldn't be better, their worlds couldn't be richer. yet by surprise, shattering truths in regards to the loving males they proposal they knew flip happiness into discomfort and rage. For Karen and Regina, not anything they believed in or loved can ever be similar to it used to be. but, within the painful strategy of beginning over, new doorways will open, and girls who as soon as had all of it will rediscover the facility of honesty and friendship ... and research the genuine scope and that means of affection.

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Not to gambling. ” s soon as Regina noticed that Larry wasn’t home, she got nervous. She’d only been at the health club for two hours, and here he was already gone. Hadn’t left a note on the refrigerator or a personal memo on the answering machine. The man was taking these disappearing stints to the extreme, and something was going to have to be done about it. Prior to the last few weeks, he would have never left the house without making sure she knew where he was. Where could he be at ten-thirty in the morning, anyway?

We can’t go on like this. I’ve done all the withdrawing, transferring, rearranging, and tolerating I can stand, and like I told you last night, I can do bad by myself. You have a commitment to me and this marriage, and you’re not holding up your end of the deal. We have a lot of love between us, and it doesn’t make sense to throw it all away simply because you refuse to own up to the problem you know you have. ” “I told you I’ve got this under control. ” “People who go to Gamblers Anonymous aren’t crazy.

She wasn’t sure if she was sobbing because they were having their first major marital problem and it was getting out of hand, or if it was solely because he was messing up their money. Either way, she had to make him see that she was serious. That she wasn’t just playing games with him. If he believed she would actually throw him out—which she didn’t know if she could—just maybe he’d stop acting like some starkraving, wild madman and get back to being the perfect husband he used to be. 29 CHAPTER 3 hen Regina pulled up in her black Jeep Cherokee, she saw Karen stepping out of her white one.

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