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By Randall N. Bills

ISBN-10: 389064970X

ISBN-13: 9783890649702

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Inclusion of a gyroscope aids a trimsman’s recovery of the trim in a storm or battle with a cooperative roll using the Reliability die. Weighs 1 ton. Hand Lamp: Perfected as Ruhmkorff’s Apparatus, this illumination device is attached by a cord to a voltaic battery and a hand-cranked generator on a belt or backpack. In darkness, it provides six feet (1”) of visibility per Reliability die. Weighs 5 pounds. Voltaic cells are purchased separately, Heavy Tractor: A steam-powered land vehicle moving on rotating steel treads, capable of crossing most terrain types.

For a ship, this is the number of crewmembers needed for maneuvering. “B” indicates a boilerman (for steam engines), “C” represents a cranksman (for screw-powered ships), and “T” denotes a topman (for wind-powered kites). Having fewer crewmembers aboard than listed incurs –2 to the crew’s Boating skill rolls, and –4 when the complement is less than half. Moreover, an inadequate crew hinders the ship’s operation. A character must have Boating skill of at least d4 to count as crewmember. If over one-quarter of the operators have Boating d4, the crew is considered “green” and must subtract 1 from all rolls, in addition to all other modifiers.

Acceleration/Top Speed: Reliability x2/Reliability x3; Toughness: 14 (2); Crew: 1+1 passenger; Cost: £7/ton; Notes: Climb 10. Analytical Engine: Mechanical computing machine utilizing punch cards for memory and programming. It provides a +1 bonus to Navigation rolls with a Reliability success, or +2 on a raise. Weighs 1 ton. Antibiotic: Medical substance with bactericidal properties. It can be taken orally, applied topically, or injected into a body to battle infection and disease. The activation of a prototypical dose (on a successful Reliability check) grants +1 bonus to a Healing or Vigor roll to cure disease or heal a wound, or +2 on a raise.

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