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By Carsten Hansen

ISBN-10: 1888690445

ISBN-13: 9781888690446

Again to fundamentals: Openings can help you recognize and play the openings in chess a lot, far better. it's going to additionally support stability your reviews of openings, and provides you a recipe as to find out how to receive larger effects out of your openings and the way to strategy various occasions appropriate to our subject of openings. The ebook covers serious thoughts, together with: my very own studies with Openings establishing ideas How do I come to a decision which starting to settle on? An creation to establishing idea The Open video game The Semi-Open video game The Closed online game The Semi-Closed online game Flank Openings the place do i am going from the following?

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Nge7? loses to 7 Nxd4 Bxd4 8 Qxd4! Nxd4 9 Nf6+) 7 Nxd4 c6 8 Nc3 h6 with approximately equal chances. Bg7 6 Be3 Nf6 7 Qd2 0-0 8 0-0-0 d6 9 f3 and White has the better chances. Ponziani Opening The Three Knights Game only arise if Black declines to go in for the Four Knights, but generally speaking, White should be able to gain a small advantage, and therefore Black would be better advised to enter the Four Knights. As with many of the other openings in this chapter, the Ponziani has a long history, but in the case of the Ponziani, it isn’t particularly distinguished, though a few strong players have given it some attention, in particular the Yugoslav grandmaster Dragoljub Velimirovic and the Swedish grandmaster Jonny Hector.

D6 7 Nxd4 0-0 8 Nb5 Nxd5 9 exd5 Ne5 with a pleasant position for Black. This variation is often called the Glek System after grandmaster Igor Glek who has played this system repeatedly with very good results despite theory condemning it as fairly innocuous. 11 Na4 h6 12 Bh4 Re8 13 c4 Bd6 14 cxd5 cxd5 with mutual chances. Bb4 6 Nxc6 bxc6 7 Bd3 d5 8 exd5 cxd5 9 0-0 0-0 10 Bg5 c6 w________w árdb1w4kd] à0wdwdp0p] ßwdpdwhwd] ÞdwdpdwGw] Ýwgwdwdwd] ÜdwHBdwdw] ÛP)Pdw)P)] Ú$wdQdRIw] wÁÂÃÄÅÆÇÈw You may notice some similarities in the theory and that of 3 g3 in the Vienna Game, and in some cases the variations transpose.

Rb8 can win a second pawn with 9 Bxc6+, he should prefer 9 Bd3 to avoid getting too far behind in development. d5!? 6 exd5 Qe7+ 7 Kf1 Ne5 provided Black knows the theory, and 5 e5, which is the so-called Modern Attack. ) 8 Bxc6 bxc6 9 00 Bc5 10 f3 Ng5 11 f4 Ne4 12 Be3 Bb6, with chances for both sides. Bc5 This leads to lines which boggle the mind. Nxe4 and now after 6 Re1 d5, White should play 7 Bxd5! 0-0-0. 6 e5 d5 7 exf6!? w________w árdb1kdw4] à0p0wdp0p] ßwdndw)wd] Þdwgpdwdw] ÝwdB0wdwd] ÜdwdwdNdw] ÛP)Pdw)P)] Ú$NGQdRIw] wÁÂÃÄÅÆÇÈw If White prefers a calmer alternative, then the option of 7 Bb5 Ne4 is still available, transposing into the Modern Attack above.

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