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Download e-book for iPad: Ancient Natural History by Roger French

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By Roger French

ISBN-10: 0203974166

ISBN-13: 9780203974162

ISBN-10: 0415088801

ISBN-13: 9780415088800

В этом исследовании автор показывает, что древнее естествознание было собранием и представлением историй и феноменов, достойных упоминания философами, популяризаторами или торговцами чудесами. В этой книге исследуются отношения между физическим миром, богами, греческой философией и целями тех, кто выражал весьма различные понятия о «природе». Основное внимание автора уделено «Истории животных» Аристотеля, «Естественной истории растений» Теофраста, «Географии» Страбона, а также, в некоторой степени, «Естественной истории» Плиния Старшего. Одна из основных тем книги - то, как к естествознанию относились различные общества: греки, римляне, евреи и христиане.Образцы сканов:

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50 (ii) The meteorological part of natural history By the time the teaching programme at the Lyceum reached the Meteorologica the enterprise of looking at the natures of things is clear. Aristotle was now ANCIENT NATURAL HISTORY 23 prepared to refer to some larger plan in his educational scheme. He looked back much more clearly than before to the Physics and De Caelo and locates this study of meteorology in respect to them. 53 After studying physics, the heavens and generation, says Aristotle, we are concerned with what our predecessors called meteorology.

To understand what he meant by ‘nature’, physis, we must first be aware of the two rather different meanings we attach to our word ‘nature’. That we have two different meanings is the result of a cultural ancestry in which the Latin term natura was used in two ways, themselves derived from the Greeks: this too will become clear as this book continues. The first use of ‘nature’ today is as a general term covering the natural world and its natural principles. When we are feeling poetic we call it Mother Nature, and when we are in technological mode a thing can be Natural as opposed to Artificial.

Thus, he says,94 the Moist is more easily moulded than the Dry. There is a strong sense too in which the Cold95 is also passive, being part of water and earth. This would leave only heat as the active principle, in accordance with Aristotle’s general preference for a single active cause—maleness, natural heat, the soul, air—shaping passive matter or its qualities. But the Cold also has a hand in changing things, for example by solidifying them, and in the books on animals Aristotle says that the nature of the animal uses heat and cold in this way in producing the diversity of the growing embryo from the homogeneous matter of the female.

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Ancient Natural History by Roger French

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