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By Joseph McCarthy

Great fresh reproduction. lacking airborne dirt and dust conceal. the landlord signed her identify contained in the disguise. Binding and pages are in nice !

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America's Retreat From Victory That is the liberal-leftist doctrine on imperialism. Have we heard one liberal voice raised in the Senate or elsewhere in condemnation of Roosevelt's surrender to Russian imperialism at Yalta? This is the test, and by it we may measure the monstrous hypocrisy of the liberal elements in Congress and in the country which have assisted in and applauded the surrender of all China to Russia without the firing of a single Russian shot. The apologists for Mr. Roosevelt have attempted to palliate his offense.

The venerable Secretary of State, an upright and proud man, although he did not wholly understand the currents of high policy that swirled about him, went to Moscow in October of 1943 to attend a conference of the Allied fore ign ministers. It was a momentous occasion for Mr. Hull, the crowning accomplishment of a lifetime devoted to public service. At that time Mr. Hull suffered from the current credulity about Russia's good faith in the highest American circles. He was insisting, to the annoyance of subtler minds, that R ussia was one nation, Britain another, equal in merit as in menace, and that we must treat them with equal and exact consideration.

A nd so Stilwell finally cam e home to be succeeded by th at g reat Ame rican soldier, Albert W edem eyer. W edemeyer has not enj oyed th e friendship and patr on age of th e powe rful Marshall since the day he bro ught hom e his wise and effective report on Ch ina in 1947 and since the further da y wh en he refused, putting his career in peril , to sign a doctored version of his report which Marshall, by th en Secretary of State, wished to issue in fur ther delusion of the Ame rican people. Wedeme yer does deserve th e full est confidence and esteem of th e Ame rican peopl e and I look forward to th e day when, please God, this country m ay again have th e full use of hi s talents, his judgment and his un alloyed devotion to his country and her int erests.

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