Alexander Alekhine: Master of Attack (The Masters Series) by Maxim Chetverik, Alexander Raetsky PDF

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By Maxim Chetverik, Alexander Raetsky

ISBN-10: 1857443721

ISBN-13: 9781857443721

During this e-book Alexander Raetsky and Maxim Chetverik have a look again at how Alekhine
defeated his rivals in superb type. integrated are a few of Alekhine's most famed assaults
and excellent mixtures. A deep learn of his video games can't fail to encourage any real chess fan.

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In Sce­ nario Two which is the move I think Bl ack should pl ay. e7 or 8 i.. b 4+ The immediate 8 ... te7 i sn 't very promising for Black after 9 d6! ... 6 ... liJf7 Black retreats his knight to a safe square (kindly provided by 1 .. fS ! ) and forces White to choose wh at to do with his bishop. txf6 exf6 8 liJxe4 9 ... cxd6 10 0-0-0 0-0 and here White can deprive the black knight of es with 11 f4! Menvielle . Lacourrelle, Las Palmas 2009: 11 .. :�a s? A poor reaction . Black should try 11 . b6 or offer to give back the pawn for some freedom with 11 ...

Only after 1 3 �f2 is the bishop de­ veloped to d7. Gurevich­ M. lllescas Cordoba, Spanish Team Championship 2004, continued 13 ... �d7 14 eS lDdS 15 exd6 'ilxd6 16 lDe4 'iVe7 17 �C4 0-0-0 and Black went on to win in a h air-raising fight. Muzychuk, Dagomys 2010, White tried a different way to attack in the centre: B �d3 ! (rather than Kasparov's B lDc3 e6 9 f3) B ... e6 9 lDC3 lDc6 10 dS ! i. g 5 After 10 ... xe6 1 2 liJf3, rather th an 1 2 ... c5 as played, I would recommend the simple 12 ..

Ltlc6, as the f5pawn would become a target. •• 53 Play t h e D u tc h The Black players decide i t is time to develop their other minor pieces. lLlb4 is a threat. Non etheless, lo ... lLlh s ! should have been preferred: for example, 1 1 ds? lLla6 o r 11 'ilVb3 ( a chang e o f front) 11 ... :tb8 13 'ii'x C7 lLlxg 3 14 hxg 3 and Black has a at least a draw with the repetition 14 ... :tb8 etc, a s 16 'ii'a 6? lLlb4 forks a6 and d3) 12 ... lLlas 13 "iVb4 b6 14 lLlbs c;td8 ! with unclear pl ay. 11 a 3 A simple move that puts Black into difficulties.

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