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By Diana Palmer

ISBN-10: 1551667428

ISBN-13: 9781551667423

Fleeing to Seabrook Island to flee from her existence, Nicole Seymour reinvents herself as "Nikki" and falls for beautiful tourist Kane Lombard, who's her brother's maximum political adversary, and whilst he discovers her real id, they need to choose from love and loyalty. unique.

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Kane gave him a narrow look. "No. Definitely not like Chris. " "Intelligent and proud," he muttered. "Possessive. " He didn't want to talk about her. "I don't want another hard fall. " "Oh, by all means, avoid entanglements," the older man agreed easily. He glanced up at the ballooned sail and smiled as he admired the set of it. "We're making good time. " Jake shrugged philosophically. "I can't argue with that. " "No, I'm not. Look out there," he said, gesturing toward the horizon. "This is the thrill of a lifetime, every minute I spend on this deck.

That will also hurt Hewett—because your brother is his senior advisor. That's what your father thinks, anyway," he added. "You're his star reporter," Kane said. " Lawson put his empty glass down. " "I told you, that sewage leak was purely accidental. " "You sound very sure of yourself," Lawson said quietly. " "I have competent managers," Kane said, getting more irritated by the minute. " Lawson straightened. He was almost Kane's own height. " Kane nodded. "Oh, yes, I remember. I had a talk with the new solid waste manager.

Cortez followed the very letter of the law in most things. He turned away, coin in hand, and went to pick up his jacket. " Nikki had waded out into the surf to watch the distant freighter sail out toward the horizon. She wondered how it had been during Charleston's early days as a port city, when great sailing ships came here, carrying their precious cargoes of spices and rum and, sadly, slaves. Pirates had come from here, people like female pirate Anne Bonney and her cohort Stede Bonett. Descriptions of those early days had fascinated Nikki in college, so much so that she'd done three courses in colonial history.

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