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By L. Beranek

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However, such an electromagnetic world-picture could be established only if it could be proved that m0 , the mechanical or bare mass of a charged particle, has no real existence. H. Panofsky and M. : Addison-Wesley, 1956), pp. 314–317; or J. Vanderlinde, Classical Electromagnetic Theory (New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1993), pp. 317–319. 72 W. , pp. 291–296. ”73 However, he took issue with Kaufmann’s terminology, for, as he put it, “the often used terms of ‘apparent’ and ‘real’ mass lead to confusion.

This shows that the intercepts c and d are table-dependent whereas the slope k is independent of the roughness or friction caused by the table. A series of such measurements for bodies Bq (q = 1, 2, . ) yields a series of straight-line plots, one plot for each aq against a0 with slope kq . 10) and where kq+p is the slope obtained when Bq and Bp are combined. The inertial mass mi (Bq ) of a body Bq , with respect to the standard body B0 , is now defined by 18 INERTIAL MASS mi (Bq ) = l/kq . 10) are independent of the choice of the standard body B0 , and that mi (B1 ) = mi (B2 ) and mi (B2 ) = mi (B3 ) imply mi (B1 ) = mi (B3 ) for any three bodies B1 , B2 , and B3 , independently of the choice of B0 .

35–53. 60 P. ,” Journal for General Philosophy of Science 8, 303–313 (1977); “Newton ab omni naevo vindicatus,” Philosophia Naturalis 18, 243–255 (1981); “Die Eindeutigkeit der Massemessung und die Definition der Tr¨agheit,” Philosophia Naturalis 22, 87–103 (1985); “The Concept of Mass,” in R. E. Butts and J. R. , Constructivism and Science (Dordrecht: Kluwer, 1989), pp. 145–162. 30 INERTIAL MASS of equal length can be verified geometrically. If these conditions are satisfied the two bodies are said to be “tractionally equal,” a relation that can be proved to be an equivalence relation.

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