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E. Bryan Carne's A professional's guide to data communication in a TCP/IP PDF

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By E. Bryan Carne

ISBN-10: 1580539106

ISBN-13: 9781580539104

A reference consultant to the codes, protocols, networks, signs and gear that give the chance to speak utilizing TCP/IP.

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The IP addresses consist of network numbers and host numbers. Network numbers must be globally unique, that is, within the scope of the internetwork, individual networks must have unique identifiers. Host numbers must be unique within the group of hosts attached to a specific network. DHCP provides a service that dynamically allocates addresses and other information to clients as they require them. 7 Network Interface Layer In order to be carried over a transmission link, network interface layer headers and trailers encapsulate the IP datagram to form an IP frame.

A listing of ARP request and reply frames is found in Appendix B. 7 Gratuitous ARP and Duplicate IP Address Detection A gratuitous ARP frame is an ARP request frame in which the source protocol address (SPA) and target protocol address (TPA) are set to the source’s IP address. If no ARP reply frames are received, the node can assume its IP address is unique within its subnetwork. If an ARP reply is received, some other node on the subnetwork is also using the IP address and the node must obtain another address.

Detect bit-level errors by use of checksums or frame check sequences. The formats of the network interface layer header and trailer depend on the type of network and the transmission equipment employed. They are addressed later in this book. 8 TCP/IP Protocol Stack In this chapter, I have described the major features of the transport and Internet layers of the TCP/IP stack. 10. Starting with some typical application layer protocols, it consists of a layer of sockets whose identification numbers (UDP ID or TCP ID) define the application for communication purposes and serve as access for any reply.

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