A Passage to India: Essays in Interpretation - download pdf or read online

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By John Beer (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0333404572

ISBN-13: 9780333404577

ISBN-10: 1349179949

ISBN-13: 9781349179947

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The text reveals the crisis of liberalhumanist ideology - its impotence as a code in an embattled social situation where moderation and compromise are not possible, its inadequacy as an explanation of a universe more extensive than the environment made by human intervention, and the insufficiency of its insights into the potentialities of mind whose experiential range exceeds ratiocination and sensory cognition. Nevertheless, although the work ventures no affirmation of its creed, it is the product of an intelligence and sensibility nurtured within the cultural and intellectual context of liberal-humanism.

We are to love our brother, whomwecansee. Wearetohurtnoone, byword or deed. We are to be pitiful, pure-minded, honest in our business, reliable, tolerant, brave. These precepts ... lie at the heart of the Protestant faith, and no accuracy in theology is held to excuse any neglect of them .... The code is so spiritual and lofty, and contains such frequent references to the Unseen, that few of its adherents realise it only expresses half of the religious idea. The other half is expressed in the creed of the Hindus.

Edward Said, Orienta/ism (1978) p. 24 This pose of 'seeing India' . . was only a form of ruling India. -A Passage to India, xxxvi, 301 I The discussion on A Passage to India as a political fiction has for long been dominated by the followers of a mimetic theory of literature, whose quest for empiricism tied to didacticism is achieved when they find the narrative content to be an authentic portrayal of India and a humanist critique of British-Indian relations during the last decades of the Empire.

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