HYARIMA, the statue, is located in the heart of Arima Hollis Ave. it was unveiled on 25th May 1993, in keeping with the theme: The year of the Indigenous People (a declaration of the United Nations Assembly). It was designed and created by the very versatile artist, Selwyn Borneo of Malony Gardens, D’Abadie. The statue stand s 13ft high, its frame work is made of steat and the exterior is of a concrete type mix. The statue is finished in bronze paint.

Hyarima projects the image of the great warrior which he was, dressed in loincloth alone, bare back, bare foot and carrying a spear. The statue is placed in a rustic setting, symbolic of the forest glades which Arima was in the 17th century when Hyarima and his Amerindian tribes inhabited there.


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