Santa Rosa was born in Lima., the Capital of Peru in 1586 of Spanish parentage though through her mother she was part Incan . This was a little over 50 years after the brutal Spanish Conquest of the Incan empire of Peru. She was graced with extraordinary beauty, hence the name Rosa, and the profound personal holiness. From a very early age she dedicated herself to a life of prayer in atonement for the great social and personal sins of her time. She also devoted herself to good works among the many ill and needy in the city of Lima.

When she was only 20 years old she join the Third Order of St Dominic. She died at a relatively early age of 31 years on the 23rd August 1617. in her own lifetime and among her own people she was viewed as a Saint.

She was the first Saint of the New World, an extraordinary occurrence , as not only was she a woman, but she was also part Indian.


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