The Santa Rosa Festival is the oldest continuously celebrated event in Trinidad’s History. begun in 1786, the year the new Mission was formally established, it had its direct antecedents in the Patronal feasts of the Indian encomienda villages of San Agustin de Arauca and San Pablo de Tacarigua
The Santa Rosa Festival, a celebration within the Catholic Church that harks back to Arima’s days as an Amerindian Mission village, is hailed as one of the Borough’s main cultural events, one that marks Arima’s special identity as an area maintaining, to some degree, its Spanish, Catholic, Amerindian and Parang traditions, all intertwined. Saint Rose is honoured as “The Divine Patron of Arima.

Every year the Amerindian community continue to clean and decorate the Church and Square with flowers, flags and candles. The Statue of Santa Rosa which have been carved by Indian Artists in the early days of the Mission has been used for every Santa Rosa Feast. It continues to be prepared by the women of the Community for the Celebration. On the Feast Day it is taken in procession from the through the streets of the town and around the Church Square together with the Carib Queen, King and Queen of the day, members of the Carib Community and the general public. Traditional foods are prepared based primarily on cassava, corn and game, all indigenous in nature.


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