Francis Sorzano–circa 1830s, married to Adhemar de Verteuil (Very little is known thus far about this person. The local family history of the De Verteuils cites her as the first Carib Queen. She has been included here as a possible first queen.)

Dolores MacDavid née Medrano (also known as “Ma Gopal”)–her tenure lasted from approximately 1875 until 1908. Born Yldefonsa de los Dolores in February 1824; passed away on 27 February 1908.

Maria Fuentes Werges Ojea (also known as “Ma Werges”) — Queen from 1908 until 1962. She died at the age of 113.

Edith Martínez, née Werges, daughter of Queen Maria Werges–her tenure as Queen lasted, in the first instance, from 1962 until 1974 when she was temporarily ‘dethroned’. Reinstated as Queen in June of 1975, she continued in that office until her death on 06 August 1987. She died at the age of 95. Her home was at 13 Woodford Street.

Adolphine Werges, sister of Edith Martinez, temporarily served as Queen for seven months between 1974 and 1975. She was crowned on 19 October 1974.

Justa Werges, daughter in-law of Queen Maria Werges–her tenure as Queen lasted from 01 May 1988 until her death on 16 January 2000. Justa was born on 01 May 1915.

Valentina Medina  

Jennifer Cassar

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