Valentina Medina

Carib Queen – Valentina Medina

Valentine “Mavis “ Medina was born in Caura on the 6th May 1933. her parents moved to Arima when she was still a child. Through her mother she was related to the Carib Community of Arima and all her life she has been involved with them and there many activities. As a young woman, she was invited by the Carib Queen, Edith Martinez, to be Queen of the day for the Santa Rosa Festival and has actually served in this role on three occasions. At eh age of 18, she married John Bertie Medina. They are the proud parents of a very large family.

Both she and her family are proud of their Carib Heritage. As with all her extremely long –lived predecessors, Valentina carries her age lightly. At the age of 74, she can expect a long and fruitful reign as Carib Queen.

As Carib Queen, she sees her role very much as promoting a flourishing Carib Community by encouraging those of Carib ancestry to return and become more fully involved in their community.

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