Three Carib Hunters belonging to the Carinepogoto tribe were hunting in the high woods where Pinto Road or Santa Rosa Heights is now; their names were Raimundo, Punya and Puyon.

They followed the river, where the White River Lilies grow near to a beautiful spring they saw this girl who seemed to be dumb.  They thought she must be lost so they took her back to their village.

When the men brought the girl back to the village, they carried her to the priest.  Three times she disappeared and three times they brought her back.  The third time the priest told them that when she disappeared next time it will be forever because she was not of the world, she was Rosa of Lima.  Meaning she was canonized in Lima.  When she grew up her father wanted her to marry but she had pledged her life to God and to helping the poor.

The priest said that the person found in the high woods was really her spirit which the saint had willed to come back to Arima.  He told them they must make an image of her while she was still among them and this they did.

As soon as the statue was completed the girl found in the high woods disappeared forever.  The hunters returned to the forest where they first met her and found a necklace in the colours of pink, yellow, red and white.  The necklace, now lost, was said to have miraculous powers and was worn by the Queen of the tribe as a sign or sovereignty, the roses are the accepted symbol of the festival of Arima’s Caribs.

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