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Carib Queen - Jennifer Cassar

Her ancestral line is quite deep. She descended from the full Carib bloodline through her maternal great-great-grandparents – Jose and Annicasia Lara (nee Lopez)
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The Santa Rosa Festival

The Santa Rosa Festival is the oldest continuously celebrated event in Trinidad’s History. The Santa Rosa Festival, a celebration within the Catholic Church that harks back to Arima’s days as an Amerindian Mission village, is hailed as one of the Borough’s main cultural events.

Amerindian Heritage Week 2013

Mapping the Cultural Continuity of Indigenous First Peoples Communities

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Carib community want national holiday

  Santa Rosa First People’s Community chief Ricardo Bharath Hernandez is calling for a national holiday to commemorate the Caribs, the first people to live in T&T. Hernandez was speaking after the smoke ceremony and street procession in Arima. “ The event today was in...

First People want Red House to be historical site

By JULIEN NEAVES Tuesday, October 15 2013 FOLLOWING an international conference of First Peoples groups, resolutions were passed requesting that the Red House be turned into a historical site, and for a national First Peoples holiday in October. This was announced yesterday by...

First Peoples-Heritage Week begins tomorrow

By Newsday Reporter Thursday, October 10 2013 The First Peoples indigenous community in Trinidad and Tobago will be hosting their 13th annual Amerindian Heritage Week, which runs from tomorrow (October 11) to October 19. Heritage Week will feature special events, including a...